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The Armistice was to go into effect that day at 11:00 a.m. Paris time.Writing World War 1 research papers is rather a catchy but at.It was part of the Allied effort to turn back the German Spring offensive that had brought German troops to within forty miles of Paris.Michael Kristoff, an 1899 Slovakian immigrant from the Austrian Empire became a suspect in the ensuing investigation, but his guilt was never determined.A collection of World War I topics. but concise summaries of key topics relating to World War I.Under the command of Crown Prince Wilhelm, heir to the throne of Germany, the Battle of Verdun began on February 21, 1916, with a punishing ten-hour artillery bombardment along an eight-mile front.

Edward Lengel, To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918 (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2008), p. 18.Unsympathetic with the Bolshevik government which had quit the Great War, the Czech Legion sided with the pro-czar Whites against the Bolshevik Reds in the Russian Civil War which followed the Bolshevik seizure of power.

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Robert Bralet of the Sixth Artillery fired a 75mm gun at a German position.The Booths would call her Eva, reflecting their admiration for Eva (Evangeline) St.This opens the skin just enough for the bacteria, which is found in the excreta or crushed bodies of infected lice, to enter the host.Dissolution of the Ottoman empire and the granting of autonomy to its subject peoples with Turkey ruling Turks alone and freedom of navigation through the Dardanelles Strait guaranteed to all nations.Robert Troy, who pitched one game for the Detroit Tigers in 1912, was killed in action in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.H. P. Willmott, Historical Atlas of World War I (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1994), p. 28.When the war ended some operators were assigned to the Army of Occupation in Germany, and some had duties associated with the peace treaty deliberations taking place at Versailles.The archduke was shaken and voiced his anger at the burgomaster that such an event could have happened, but the reception took place as planned.The RMS Lusitania, which had made its maiden voyage from Liverpool, England, to New York in September 1907, was on its 212th crossing of the Atlantic when, on May 7, 1915, a German u-boat sank it, taking the lives of 1,198, passengers and crew members.

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Following the February 1 German resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare, following the diplomatic break with Germany two days later, and a day after the loss of two American lives in the u-boat torpedoing of the British passenger ship Laconia, Wilson took steps he hoped would protect Americans on the high seas.The York Institute has served as a public high school since that time.

The anthem ended with an ovation from the nearly twenty thousand fans in attendance.Louis Browns who had enlisted in the Army and was commissioned a second lieutenant, Ty Cobb, outfielder for the Detroit Tigers who enlisted in the Army and was commissioned a captain, and Christy Mathewson, a New York Giants pitcher who had retired in 1916 and then managed the Cincinnati Reds, before enlisting in the Army, being commissioned as a captain.In an apparently unintended oversight, the language of the 1916 measure did not appear to bar women from enlistment in the Navy Reserve.

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Under the command of British Admiral Sir Sackville Carden, an Anglo-French fleet was assembled and based at the Aegean islands of Lemmos, Mudros, and Tenedos.In 1918 the 25th Infantry Regiment was moved to Camp Stephen D.Never before medically recorded, this disease became obvious in 1914, the first year of the war, when it reached epidemic proportions on the Western Front, eventually affecting about one million soldiers. 8 British Major J. H. P. Graham was the first to note the characteristics of the disease in 1915, but he could not identify the vector.Baseball commissioner Kenesaw Landis, who remembered the debate over baseball in WWI, wrote to President Franklin D.The Norton-Harjes American Ambulance Corps was founded in 1914 by Richard and Eliot Norton, sons of Harvard professor Charles Eliot Norton, and Henry Harjes, a partner in a Paris-based investment company.

Following the reception Ferdinand asked to be taken to the hospital to visit those who were injured.One week following the Battle of Tannenberg, the Russians suffered another humiliating defeat in the Battle of Masurian Lakes, where 125,000 Russian soldiers were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner.Rogan was discharged in 1920 and went on to play for the Kansas City Monarchs until his retirement in 1938.After the war Whittlesey returned to his New York City law practice, but, celebrated as a war hero, much of his time was reluctantly spent giving speeches and attending patriotic events.As was the case in WWI, many premier young players went off to war.At age twenty-seven York attended a Church of Christ in Christian Union revival meeting, an experience that would put York on a life-changing path.

Eddie Grant, who had retired from baseball following the 1915 season with the New York Giants (he was the team captain) and was a lawyer when he enlisted in the Army in 1917, was commissioned a captain (Company H, 307th Infantry Regiment, 77th Division).Italy would gain Trentino, the majority of whose population was ethnic Italian 1, Istria, Trieste, Cisalpine Tyrol, Dalmatia, Valona in Albania, and a share of German and Ottoman territories.Jere King, The First World War: A Volume in Documentary History of Western Civilization (New York: Walker and Company, 1972), p. xvii-xviii.For the Italians, the disadvantage of fighting uphill against firmly entrenched and strategically well-selected Austrian positions meant heavy Italian casualties, forcing the Italians to engage in tunneling operations for their own protection and to reach the enemy.Eddie Rickenbacker, who would become the most famous U. S. flying ace of WWI, was born in Columbus, Ohio, on October 8, 1890, the child of Swiss immigrants who had met and married in Columbus, Ohio.For both sides the purpose of some of the tunneling was to approach enemy positions and plant and detonate explosives.

Military personnel returning home may have brought this especially virulent strain of influenza with them, thus transmitting the disease to other geographical areas.They had to buy their own uniforms, but they were sworn in at the rank of lieutenant.Sisler returned to the game, his fifteen-year career, which ended in 1930, producing a.340 batting average.

When the United States entered the Great War in April 1917 many professional baseball players, white and black, were either drafted or enlisted, almost all black Americans becoming members of the segregated 92nd and 93rd divisions.When the draft took many of his teammates the team was disbanded for the duration of the war. 1 Donaldson served as a private in the 164th Depot Brigade at Camp Funston, Kansas.In March 1918 the first group of Signal Corps women arrived in France.Three days later a four-car motorcade that included Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in the back seat of an open car, made its way through the streets of Sarjevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, en route to City Hall for an official reception.About 116,000 U. S. military personnel died in WWI and most of them were buried in Europe.

Following the May 26, 1915, Italian declaration of war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austrian troops established defensible positions in the peaks, cliffs, and rocky faces of the Alpine Mountains Dolomite Range.In sum, the Serbian government would have to suppress anti-Austrian publications, dissolve anti-Austrian organizations, replace anti-Austrian government officials and military personnel, and allow Austrian officials to enter Serbia to conduct their own investigation into the assassination. 1.General Pershing brought the offensive to a temporary halt on October 1in part to address mounting logistical issues.With fourteen dreadnoughts, 250 destroyers, 36 submarines, and 80,000 sailors, the U. S. Navy was among the best navies in the world.Frazee proposed that the Red Sox could hold exhibition games donating gate money to the Naval Relief Fund.Few of the warring nations in World War I were directly interested or least.